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Colby Sawyer College | New London, NH

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Since 2012, Colby Sawyer College has been stepping up sustainable practices with multiple solar arrays throughout campus.

Totaling 195 kilowatts, the arrays on the rooftops of the Windy Hill School, the Curtis L. Ivey Science Center, Lawson Hall, Lethbridge Lodge, and most recently the Center for Art + Design that was constructed in 2017.

Solar + Sustainability

Each year, their 745 panels will generate roughly 232,020 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity, offsetting the equivalent of over 401,100 miles driven in a gas-powered car. These installations are in line with Colby Sawyer's Climate Action Plan to be fully carbon neutral by the year 2050.

Colby Sawyer financed all their arrays through Power Purchase Agreements that allowed them to install the arrays at no upfront cost, and take immediate advantage of savings on their electricity bill.

Colby Sawyer also has undertaken energy efficiency upgrades for their buildings in lighting, insulation, and more to reduce their usage on the demand side. Other sustainable initiatives include a recycling program, an on-campus permaculture garden, local food sourcing, and hybrid vehicles for traveling staff.

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