Bellavance Beverage Co – Hooksett, NH

A drone shot overlooking the solar installation on the roof of Bellavance Beverage Co.

By the numbers:

System size:  1.15 megawatts (3,088 solar panels)

System output:  1,321.61 megawatt-hours/year

CO₂ reduction:  1,296,499 pounds/year


Bellavance Beverage Co’s new headquarters is home to one of the the largest rooftop solar array in NH (at the time of install in Fall 2020). The 1.5-megawatt solar array will produce enough energy on an annual basis to offset 115% of Bellavance Beverage’s electricity usage, generating roughly 1,321.61 megawatt hours per year.

The excess energy not used in real-time on site will be fed back to the grid where it will help out their neighbors and contribute to creating a resilient, sustainable, local energy grid.

Composed of 3,000+ panels, the solar array covers 120,000 square feet of roof space and will offset the equivalent of 100+ homes’ total energy use for an entire year, or the same amount of carbon sequestered by 1,220 acres of forest.

View more photos of this solar project below: