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Unique partnership results in Maine's first net-zero school

Cumberland, ME - A special, intergenerational partnership between OceanView at Falmouth and the Friends School of Portland has led to a monumental achievement in energy-efficient building. The school's new 15,000 s/f facility, set to open this fall has become the first school in Maine, the first commercial project in Maine, and the third school in the nation to achieve Passive House Certification - the highest international energy efficiency standard.

Through the agreement, OceanView funds the purchase and installation of the 144-panel solar array and subsequently receives the federal tax incentives for which the array qualifies. The Power Purchase Agreement and OceanView's participation enables the school to fulfill its vision of being a Net Zero Building - meaning that it will produce as much energy as it uses. The solar panels will be installed by the local solar professionals at ReVision Energy and will eliminate the need to rely on traditional heating fuels such as oil, gas, coal or wood.

"This partnership extends beyond a financing component," said John Wasileski of OceanView. "OceanView shares the Friends School of Portland's commitment to clean energy and stewardship, and we envision a great intergenerational partnership for years to come. With multiple solar projects across all of our properties, the value of alternative energy cannot be understated."

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