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Some say net metering cap could stifle solar industry’s growth

ReVision Energy's renewable energy projects are frequently featured in local and national newpapers, radio and television.

New Hampshire utilities are nearing, and one has already reached, a state cap that limits how many customers can sell the excess solar power they generate back into the grid.

That process, known as net metering, is one of several major incentives in New Hampshire that make solar projects feasible. Without it, towns like Warner can't get compensated for times when their solar panels produce more power than they use, such as on sunny afternoons.

"We're definitely very concerned and alarmed," said Jack Ruderman, director of community initiatives for ReVision Energy, a local solar company. "We think this is potentially a very serious threat to the solar market in New Hampshire. It really could stifle things if it isn't addressed."

Advocates are hoping the Legislature can soon pass a stop-gap measure to raise the cap and keep solar projects moving through the pipeline. But whether that will actually happen is unclear, leading to uncertainty in the field.

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