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Solarize Mount Desert Island Offers Group Discount in Transition to Solar Power

Solarize MDI was created by A Climate to Thrive (ACTT), an organization started by Mount Desert Island residents who believe that moving our island towards energy independence will also lead to a thriving economy. ACTT is committed to efforts that build MDI's local economy and make the island a leader in practices and policies that reduce their carbon footprint. ACTT projects, such as Solarize MDI, will create jobs, preserve the beauty of Mount Desert Island and establish MDI as a resource and leader for communities around the world.

ReVision Energy is thrilled to annonce we've been selected by A Climate to Thrive to be the preferred vendor for Solarize Mount Desert Island (MDI), Maine's latest group-buying solar program. Like other Solarizes, residents and businesses who go solar in participating towns (Mount Desert, Bar Harbor, Tremont, and Southwest Harbor) will be eligible for a discount that increases in value as more people enroll in the program and create economies of scale.

Solarize MDI aims to increase adoption of small-scale solar electricity at homes and businesses through a competitive-tiered pricing structure. Savings for all participants increase as more home and business owners sign installation contracts before July 15, 2017; in effect, the more participants, the bigger the available discount, with potential average household installation savings of $1,500 in addition to a 26% federal tax credit.

"Every year MDI spends more than $60 million on energy costs, most of which is exported to out-of-state fossil fuel producers," says Gary Friedmann , Chair of A Climate to Thrive. "With the cost of solar panels dropping 40% last year, there's never been a better time to go photovoltaic - to save real money on monthly bills and take MDI another step toward energy independence."

Our full suite of clean energy transition options is available through the solarize program, including grid-tied solar PV, air source heat pumps, high-efficiency water heating, solar storage/battery backup options, and community solar farms.

ReVision Energy's mission to help people and institutions to transition away from fossil fuels and to clean energy fits perfectly with A Climate to Thrive's (ACTT) similar mission, to achieve energy independence for Mount Desert Island by 2030. Solarize MDI is an ambitious step towards our shared vision of a decentralized, local, renewable energy grid that will reduce pollution, create new businesses, generate year-round jobs that pay a living wage, and bring the community together around the shared goal of preserving our environment.

Join ACTT and ReVision Energy representatives, and others for a press conference at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, April 14 at the Bar Harbor Community Farm (115 Gilbert Farm Road), to hear more regarding Solarize MDI and ACTT's goal of achieving energy independence for the island by 2030.

Upcoming events for Solarize MDI include Friday morning coffee hours, solar open houses, and in-depth presentations. More at .