Solar Industry News

Solar Plus Complementary Technologies Leads to an Economical, Sustainable Grid

ReVision Energy's renewable energy projects are frequently featured in local and national newpapers, radio and television.

Shown here is the Pika Energy Island, capable of storing solar electricity that can be used at night or during a grid outage. When the grid is down, Pika's Islanding Inverter will still supply solar power to the Pika Harbor Lithium-Ion Battery - together these components create the Energy Island. Day-to-day, this system greatly reduces household demand on the grid, creating more stability at large.

Via MEREDA , The Maine Real Estate & Development Association recently published an article by ReVision Energy's Fred Greenhalgh that outlines the case for strategic electrification : Converting to a 100% renewable electricity-powered world. A smarter grid's strength is its positive influence on our environment, and its ability to maximize the economic incentives of renewable energy.

A future-ready grid takes into account that most people in the near-future will be producer-consumers, making some power and consuming some power. Deployable resources like electric vehicles, batteries, and even water heaters can help balance the intermittency of renewable energy. Furthermore, combining the economics of solar plus these new electric technologies unlocks a much more substantial ROI for the consumer.