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Two weeks removed from a very polarizing 2016 election season, many in the Solar Industry are optimistic about its continued growth. This optimism stems from Solar's sound economics, years of steady growth in the face of regional opposition, and strong scientific facts that make clean, renewable energy the clear choice for many businesses and homeowners. In a statement released shortly after the election, ReVision Energy's Phil Coupe lists these reasons to stand strong:

"There is strong data to support [optimism in the future of solar], including the fact that 84% of Trump supporters are in favor of solar , not to mention the vast majority of Clinton supporters. It's also true that it will be almost impossible for the U.S. to completely disentangle itself from the Paris Climate Agreement now that Obama has signed and thereby committed America to a minimum 3-year engagement."

Read more in Anne Fischer's article , "Donald Trump and the Solar Industry" and follow the links in it for even more reasons to remain steadfast in this time of change for the United States.