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Solar Benefits All Ratepayers

ReVision Energy's renewable energy projects are frequently featured in local and national newpapers, radio and television.

Zach Good of ReVision Energy prepares a roof for solar panels at a home on Overlook Lane in Cape Elizabeth in 2015. Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Potland Press Herald Staff Photographer

In an editorial to the Portland Press Herald, Steve Hinchman, Director of Financing at ReVision Energy, pens a response to the misconceptions being spread about solar net metering by the electric utility industry. His message? Don't believe the lies.

Independent studies, in state after state including Maine, have repeatedly found that solar net metering saves money for all electric ratepayers. Plus, residential solar development is proven to help grow local economies, create new jobs, raise incomes and reduce pollution.

But the electric utilities want you to think otherwise, and appear to be willing to say anything to make their case.

The industry, working through trade groups, is in a panic about rooftop solar. A 2013 Edison Electric Institute (EEI) report identified solar as a "disruptive technology," capable of unraveling the utility industry's monopoly franchise just as cell phones did to the landline telephone industry.

As part of that report, EEI laid out a playbook to undermine state policies that support consumer-owned rooftop solar. Their primary target - net metering, which is a key component of a modern energy grid that gives consumers the right to generate their own energy and get a fair credit for excess power sent to neighbors.

Net metering is the fundamental building block to any stable solar market, and currently exists in over 40 states across the country. Utilities have repeatedly tried (and failed) to label it a subsidy.

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