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ReVision Installs Solar Array to Power the Town of Brentwood, NH

Via Union Leader , James Hasselbeck discussed the recently completed, ground-mounted solar array installed at the Brentwood fire station for the town of Brentwood, which they will use through a power purchase agreement with ReVision:

"The fact that the system is large enough to cover the entire town of Brentwood's municipal electric costs is certainly notable," said James Hasselbeck, operations manager for ReVision Energy, the company that installed the array.

Talk of going solar began at the 2016 town meeting when resident Jane Byrne proposed the idea. Residents weren't ready to support it at the time, but they wanted to study the feasibility.

After further investigation, the town decided to move ahead with the project this year and signed a 20-year contract with ReVision Energy, which has an office in Brentwood.