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ReVision Energy Wins Coolest Companies Award

Photo credit: Allegra Boverman Photography

Brentwood, N.H. (October 5, 2016) - ReVision Energy is proud to announce its selection as the 2016 Rising Stars Awards winner of the People's Choice for Coolest Companies for Young Professionals. The honor was awarded on October 3 during a ceremony organized by Stay Work Play New Hampshire, a non-profit organization dedicated to attracting and retaining young talent in the Granite State.

As part of the award application process, ReVision Energy Solar Design Engineer Dylan Lucas submitted one of several testimonials. "The best moment isn't what you would think. It isn't the annual rafting trip and camping weekend with drinks around the fire. It isn't coming in to see the wagging tails of all the office dogs. It isn't even the satisfaction of turning on my own solar system. It is knowing that every day, with every solar panel we install, a power plant is dialing its production back, and the air is clearing. A family is achieving energy independence and is now able to spend money on going out to eat and investing in the local community, instead of on their electric bill. We are not the only ones who do what we do, but we are a 13-year, strong ember at the heart of the fire that is creating a world that doesn't need saving."


Stay Work Play is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to work collaboratively across New Hampshire to support ongoing economic, workforce, and community development by promoting the state as a favorable place for young workers and recent college graduates to stay, work and play when considering employment and lifestyle opportunities. Learn more at: