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ReVision Energy Ranked #14 Among Residential Solar Installers

ReVision Energy was honored to be listed #14 nationally in the highly competitive Top 100 Solar Installers ranking by independent reviews site, Solar Read more about this honor from SolarReviews themselves:


Of the nearly 7,200 reviews the top 100-reviewed solar installers at have received, their average overall ranking is 4.85 stars (out of 5) for each installation. That includes individual rankings on what each consumer's experience was on numerous metrics, from the sales process, to quality of products used and installation, as well as an installer's professionalism and courtesy.

Research shows that consumers prefer star ratings from their peers and experts when choosing a business, product or service.'s list of most-reviewed solar installers shows that not only is the ranking method popular but that overwhelmingly those solar installation partners with more reviews are viewed favorably by their customers.

"As rooftop solar has grown, so have the companies offering rooftop solar services, increasing competition for services and sales, making positive consumer reviews more important than ever in helping consumers choose the best local solar installer to meet their needs, professionally, on time and with the promised results," said President Jamie Lakes. "As the most active solar review site in the US with more than 3 million unique visitors annually, realizes the importance of reviews both in helping consumers make a choice and to installers in generating sales and leads, as well increasing their returns on investment."

More than 3,500 solar installers across the US have now received unsolicited reviews on - up from 2,500 in 2015 - from customers who have had a solar system installed on their home or business. That's led to a total of more than 21,000 reviews as of February 2017. While some of these companies have gained only a few reviews, others have amassed more than 100 reviews.

These unvarnished reviews from actual customers are a potent tool in helping potential customers choose a high-quality solar installer for their home or business. This is particularly important as an ever-increasing number of consumers - now more than 90 percent - turn to online reviews from peers for everything from choosing spatulas to real estate agents.

While's top 100 installers represent companies across the US, Utah's Auric Solar has received the most reviews, at 482, and coincidentally received an average score of 4.82 stars. The company clearly understands the value of positive reviews.

"We are grateful to have a partner like and recognize the competitive edge it has given Auric Solar. We appreciate the fact that they ensure a quality platform that inspects that all of the reviews are from real customers for ourselves and our competitors, no matter what size the company is. If you are a company driven by quality and customer experience, is the best tool to make sure people know that." said Jess Phillips, CEO, Auric Solar.

While Auric has gained the most solar reviews at, each of the top 20 have more than 100 reviews. "As reviews, and particularly positive reviews increase for companies it shows that they are more trusted and deemed less of a risk by consumers, increasing sales for the company," Lakes explained. "Well beyond our customer-generated reviews, we also offer our Pre-Screened Solar Pros accreditation program. These highly-ranked solar installers go through a more thorough vetting process to ensure they are quality installers and we're quite pleased that nearly 90 percent of our top 100-reviewed installers are also Pre-Screened Solar Pros ."