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Solar Installer ReVision Energy Opens Middleton, Massachusetts Office

ReVision Energy's renewable energy projects are frequently featured in local and national newpapers, radio and television.

Expansion highlights rapid growth of solar energy industry and job creation opportunities in states that are solar friendly

Bob Morton and Haley Belofsky of ReVision Energy will be staffing our new Middleton, MA office. Both come to us with years of prior solar experience.

ReVision Energy is proud to announce our opening of our latest branch office, located at 35 Village Road in Middleton, Massachusetts. The new location - our fifth - will be a field office for sales and marketing staff. Operations/installation in the Northshore will continue to be fulfilled out of our 7,000 sq. ft warehouse and showroom in Brentwood, New Hampshire.

We have been working in Massachusetts for 5+ years now, and the addition of the location allows us to have a more active role in the local community and support design team members Bob Morton and Haley Belofsky (our two current MA employees) as we significantly expand our service offerings in Northern Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is a booming solar market, currently #6 nationwide for solar installations (1,050MW), and #2 for solar jobs (15,095 - compared to Maine's paltry 300). Massachusetts does not boast a solar resource much different than Maine or New Hampshire; the defining difference is that Massachusetts' solar friendly state policy has accelerated the growth of their native solar industry.

For example, a solar customer in MA can generate Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) at a reasonable market value and sell them to utilities to help them meet carbon emissions standards. This system has spurred a market for solar as the economics of solar are more accessible for a larger group of people. Massachusetts also has strong state-based solar programs, such as the Massachusetts Solar Loan, a low cost loan backed by the state, again, making it easier for lower income families to invest in solar.

While there are many solar companies already based in Massachusetts, ReVision Energy feels there is a place for us as a mission-based company that takes a holistic look at reducing a home's dependence on fossil fuel energy sources. In addition to our core product, solar electricity, we also offer a suite of supporting equipment such as air source heat pumps, efficient electric water heaters, electric vehicle charging, and next-gen battery storage.

"We are solely focused on customer service and technical excellence," said Dan Clapp, our New Hampshire and Massachusetts General Manager. "We feel strongly that the transition to renewable energy needs a holistic, whole-house approach, offering not just solar but other technologies that allow solar to reduce or eliminate a home's need for any fossil fuel inputs. We look forward to bringing our highly-focused design and installation experts, each having an equity stake in the company, to the residents of Massachusetts."

Since our founding in 2003, ReVision Energy has completed over 6,000 installations and grown to employ over 130 people in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, with more than half of the current workforce hired in the past few years alone. This growth is driven by market forces - the cost of solar declining while the cost of traditional power sources has increased - as well as our unrelenting commitment to an incredible customer experience.

We look forward to continuing to lead New England away from fossil fuel consumption with a stronger presence in the Bay State!