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ReVision Energy Appoints Dan Weeks as Director of Market Development

ReVision Energy's renewable energy projects are frequently featured in local and national newpapers, radio and television.

Brentwood, N.H. (March 6, 2017) - ReVision Energy, the industry leader in full-service renewable energy solutions for northern New England, today announced the appointment of Dan Weeks as Director of Market Development for New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Weeks brings more than a decade of organizational leadership and development experience across multiple sectors, serving most recently as Executive Director of the nonpartisan organization, Open Democracy. Raised in rural New Hampshire, Weeks has worked with business and governmental leaders to advance policy solutions on a range of issues, including renewable energy and environmental conservation.

As a 2016 candidate for Executive Council, New Hampshire's highest elected body, Weeks ran on a clean energy infrastructure platform and garnered 46% of the vote against a four-term incumbent. A former member of the award-winning Monadnock Solar Electric Race Car Team, Weeks is an outspoken advocate for renewable energy to strengthen our economy and combat climate change. He currently operates a 5.5-kilowatt rooftop solar array to power his family home.

"Dan's experience in organizational development, management, policy and public engagement make him an ideal fit for ReVision Energy at a time of accelerating growth for the company and the renewables industry," said Daniel Clapp, General Partner of ReVision Energy. "He clearly shares our passion for making the world a better place through innovative ideas and technologies."

"I am excited to join ReVision Energy, a fast-growing, mission-driven company that is leading the transition from polluting fossil fuels to clean solar energy in New England," Weeks said. "As a father and a citizen, I know of no other issue that is more important to our long-term future as a state and nation than renewable energy and conservation. ReVision Energy is uniquely positioned to accelerate that transition through its relentless focus on technical excellence and innovation and its whole-house approach to reducing customer's dependence on fossil fuel."

As Director of Market Development, Weeks will bring ReVision's suite of cost-saving solar and energy efficiency products to new markets across New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including businesses, non-profits, schools, churches, and municipalities. He will also work on policy and regulatory matters that promote the sustained growth of the renewables industry and will lead efforts to increase public awareness of the ReVision mission.