Solar Industry News

ReVision is #1 Solar Installer in Northern New England, Again!

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has driven a surge in federal support for solar and energy storage technologies in the United States, triggering unprecedented excitement for the industry. The rise in interest has prompted solar developers, installers, and contractors to undertake larger projects nationwide.

A New High Ranking: #7 Solar Installer Nation-Wide

happy installers on roof summer.jpegHere at ReVision Energy, we are honored to be recognized by Solar Power World magazine as a Top Solar Contractor for another year. This year, we were ranked as the #7 solar installer in the nation, moving up from our 2022 ranking of #9. For the 5th year in a row – every year since they started state rankings – we have been named the #1 installer in Maine and New Hampshire. We were also ranked #7 nationwide in Solar + Storage installations for residential and commercial projects. 

“It’s inspiring,” said Cole Phillips, Solar Design Specialist, “I hold myself at a higher standard because of it, and you see everyone at the company doing their best. Everything from playing basketball together in the parking lot to our annual company-wide meeting keep us close. It all works because we have an awesome team with great attention to detail.”  

Solar Energy Has Strongest First Quarter Ever in 2023

Each year, the industry publication Solar Power World curates the Top Solar Contractors List as a tribute to U.S. solar installers’ achievements. The list ranks solar companies from utility, commercial, and residential sectors based on the kilowatts they installed in the previous year. These firms are then classified and presented based on their specific services, target markets, and geographical locations.

woman on a roof.jpg"Renewable energy accounts for a quarter of U.S. electrical generation, now far exceeding electricity produced by burning coal,” said Kelsey Misbrener, managing editor of Solar Power World. "Solar power is an important member of that renewable makeup, and companies on the Top Solar Contractors List are all contributing to our country’s shift to cleaner electricity. We are honored to recognize them each year for their necessary work putting green kilowatts on roofs, over parking lots, in desert locations and across water reservoirs. Every project is making a difference.”

The United States reported its strongest first-quarter ever in Q1 2023 for solar panels installed, and industry analysts expect the solar market to triple in size over the next five years. This industry growth parallels the growth of ReVision, as we just hired our 400th employee-owner. The industry will stay busy, and we’re beyond excited to continue making a positive impact towards our just and equitable electric future.