Solar Industry News

This 7.35kw grid tied solar electric system will provide nearly all of the energy needs for the Granger home in Hudson, New Hampshire

The Grangers, like many families in New Hampshire, wanted to make a solar investment to provide long-term energy savings and help the environment. But - also like many families - making the upfront investment seemed daunting at first. Then they discovered our "Own Your Power" loan program , which allows a homeowner to purchase a solar array for no money down, swapping their electric bill for a monthly solar loan payment.

"Comparing available technologies and companies out there, ReVision seemed like the clear choice to partner with," says Dennis Granger, "I would have eventually proceeded even without the Own Your Power loan, but the loan helped me move forward sooner."

The Own Your Power loan is actually two loans. One is a short term, no-interest loan (for an introductory 12 or 18-month period) which covers the portion of the project cost reimbursed by state and federal incentives. The remaining project balance is financed as at fixed-rate, 2.99% loan paid over 12 years. The result is that a homeowner no longer needs a large upfront cash investment to go solar, and homeowners with limited home equity (but good credit) can get easy access to financing.

Dennis says that ReVision's attentive, full service staff made the loan and project process go as smoothly as possible. "Dan and the staff at ReVision were incredibly friendly and helpful at every step of the project," he says, "They helped by answering all of my questions, helping with the financing and even taking care of the state PUC rebate."

Dennis' praise extends to the installation team, who he says "were friendly, knowledgeable and did impeccable work. I am extremely particular so the fact I cannot provide ANY suggestions to improve their workmanship or customer interaction is a great testament for the team."

The Grangers have only had solar installed since August, but the results have been good so far. "The system went online the last week in August so of course it's been running as the shorter days of the year were upon us," Dennis says, "In the first two months it produced almost 100% of our power! From what I've seen, I believe we are on track to produce the estimated 9,500 kilowatt-hours per year."

The only issue Dennis notes is that "with all these snow storms we've found that huge amounts of snow will slide off the panels all at once." For the record, ReVision recommends NOT worrying too much about trying to clear snow from your solar panels as in most cases they shed quite well by themselves. If you feel that the sliding snow becomes a safety hazard, contact us and we can provide some tips.

You can learn more about Own Your Power on our website: or contact us for a free evaluation of your home: