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New Hampshire Solar Company Lauds Net Metering Cap Increase

ReVision Energy's renewable energy projects are frequently featured in local and national newpapers, radio and television.

ReVision Energy applauds Gov. Maggie Hassan who signed HB 1116 into law yesterday. "We are grateful to our Governor for her strong leadership and support," said ReVision Energy New Hampshire Branch Manager Daniel Clapp. "Solar policy in New Hampshire is now on a more secure foundation."

The legislation increases the statewide net metering cap from 50 to 100 megawatts. Regulators have also been directed to open a proceeding to develop an alternative rate structure for net metering.

"Over the last five years, our Brentwood office has grown from a handful of employees to over 50, thanks to the rapidly declining costs of solar technology and growing consumer demand for fixed energy prices from clean-tech sources," said Clapp. More than 70 solar companies work throughout the value chain in New Hampshire, which translates into more than 900 jobs statewide. "We look forward to continued growth in the Granite State," said Clapp, "which has been secured through extension of the fair and bipartisan supported policy tool of net metering."

Jack Ruderman, ReVision Energy's Director of Community Solar Initiatives, says sound net metering policies are essential to the continued growth of the solar industry in New Hampshire. "Net metering allows solar homeowners to lower or eliminate their electric bills when they are compensated in a simple, predictable way for the power they send back to the grid."

Over a dozen studies of the value of solar electricity have found that power exported to the grid is worth more than the retail cost of electricity. A New Hampshire-focused study conducted by the Acadia Center determined "that the value of solar to the grid - and ratepayers connected to the grid - ranges from 19 to 24 cents per kilowatt hour, with additional societal values of 6.7 cents per kilowatt hour."