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Maine PUC delays implementation of unworkable, likely illegal anti-solar

ReVision worker-owners installing photovoltaic modules for a new micro-grid project at the redeveloped Brunswick Naval Air Station.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission today ordered a 4 month delay before implementing its new, highly controversial Net Metering Rules. This gives homeowners, towns, and businesses who want to go solar in Maine until May 1, 2018 to get grandfathered in under current retail net metering rates.

The Commission made the only sensible decision it could. The new rules have become a bureaucratic nightmare, as ReVision has consistently warned they would. Even the utilities don't know how to make it work.

The extra time also gives the Maine courts a chance to weigh in. ReVision Energy has challenged the Rule in Maine Supreme Court and arguments in the case will be heard on Dec 13, 2017. We're also going to keep the pressure on the Maine legislature, who in our view need to step in and do their job and overturn this unworkable rule entirely.

The decision today was a result of the continued efforts of ReVision Energy and our coalition of solar allies who have been both fighting unfounded attacks on solar, while also advocating energy policy reform to promote a cleaner, more efficient, and more consumer-focused grid.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this campaign by lending your personal stories, writing letters to the editor, showing up at PUC and legislative rallies, and talking to your friends, neighbors, and elected officials. While we're encouraged by the decision today, much work must yet be done to create the cleaner grid of the future we all believe can and must be built.

If you're interested in solar - don't wait!

ReVision Energy's installation queue is already full well into 2018. The best way to make sure you'll get grandfathered in under the old rules is to call us ASAP to get the process of going solar moving. Future generations are counting on you!