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Maine granola company to be first solar-powered, net-zero facility in New England

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HIRAM, Maine - Two rows of gleaming photovoltaic panels outside the former Hiram Elementary School are about to get busy.

On Tuesday, the founders of GrandyOats, a growing granola and trail mix company, unveiled the 100 percent solar-powered infrastructure. When the company moves this month from its former site in an old dairy barn in Brownfield to Hiram, GrandyOats will be New England's first net-zero food facility. Full operation at the new location is expected by the end of the year.

"The panels will generate enough electricity to produce 1.2 million pounds of granola and snacks annually. With a combined capacity of 80 kilowatts, every aspect of the facility, from electric ovens to heating and cooling, will be powered from the sun.

By switching to green energy, the company moves from kerosene and propane - that means dwindling electricity bills.

"This insulates us from world pressures. It feels good that we are generating our own power on site," Anker said. "It makes sense."

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