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Are You in Love with Your Heating System?

Solar + Heat Pump customer Jay Norwalk in Alna, Maine

With winter upon us, we like to hear from customers with heat pumps installed to see how the equipment is living up to expectations. Here are some nice words shared by Jay Norwalk in Alna, Maine:

I am pleased to report that the heat pump lived up to its specifications last night - It was 4?F and it is only 6?F now at 8:30 AM, and the heat pump was set for 71?F and it seems to have no problem maintaining that in the southern half of my house.

I am recording my electrical cost so that I will be able to make some sort of comparison of the cost of heating vs. other sources after a year, but so far, I'm pleased!

Heat pumps are extremely efficient forms of electric heat and a great way to turn your sun-generated kilowatt-hours into heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

See our website for some more info on how heat pumps work and impressive data on the cost per heating BTU from a variety of sources. Spoiler: Solar PV + heat pumps is a better deal than oil, even at rock bottom prices!