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Keep cooler this summer with the installation of an air source heat pump - a piece of technology that uses electricity to keep your home more comfortable, moving hot air into or out of your house, as the season requires. It's the only heating system where you have the choice: use power from the grid, or use your own solar-power to meet your home's energy needs!

Why Install a Heat Pump?

  • Heat pumps provide heat for the equivalent of $1/gallon of oil, and cooling at roughly 2x the efficiency of a window unit air conditioner.
  • Heat pumps are an easy retrofit project as well as being good for new homes. Typical installation is 1-2 days.
  • By choosing a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - like ReVision Energy - Mitsubishi heat pumps receive a 12-year parts and compressor warranty.
  • Modern "cold climate heat pumps" are highly efficient in extreme cold, and provide heating well below 0?F.
  • Heat pumps are eligible for a NHSaves rebate of $500 per ton. Note! NHSaves rebate money is going quickly and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Heat pumps are also eligible for an Energize 360 program discount of $500 for up to three units and $1,000 discount for more than three units.
  • Massachusetts residents can install a heat pump with very affordable financing through the Mass Solar Loan program .

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