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Impact Project for Newfields, NH Projected to Save Taxpayers roughly $500,000+

From left to right: ReVision co-founder Bill Behrens, Senator Maggie Hassen, and Ian Simmons of Blue Haven Initiative. Blue Haven Initiative was the lead investor in our first ReVision Solar Impact Partners portfolio of nonprofit solar projects in 2018, including the Town of Newfields.

On Friday, Feb 7, 2019 sun shone on the public unveiling of a new 216 solar panel system for the town of Newfields, New Hampshire, a project built at no-upfront cost to the town, and offering savings upwards of half a million of dollars to taxpayers if the municipality elects for a buy-out option available after 7 years.

The solar power will produce close to 100% of the needs of the town's wastewater treatment facility, and save roughly 98,000 pounds of carbon pollution annually.

The project is part of our growing stream of impact investor funded solar projects called ReVision Impact. ReVision Impact connects mission-aligned investors with bankable solar projects, providing a strong economic, environmental, and social return on investment capital.