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Ever wonder how a mini split heat pump works? Glad you asked!

Mini split heat pumps (air source heat pumps) are a highly efficient form of electric heating, that work on the same concept as your home's refrigerator or a window air conditioner running in reverse. Rather than heating air molecules with electricity, they extract heat that already exists in outside air and move it into your home. This is possible even at temperatures well below zero. In heating mode, refrigerant is pumped through the outdoor unit, where it absorbs heat. The hot refrigerant is then pumped through the indoor air handler, where it releases the heat into the home. In summer, the unit works in reverse, extracting heat from the home and moving it outside, providing ultra-efficient cooling. Since the heat pump moves heat, rather than creating it, it is much more efficient than traditional electric heating systems, and in fact has an overall efficiency of 250%.

Though heat pumps work great using straight grid electricity, this form of heat is only as clean as the source of that electricity. Combine a heat pump with a grid-tied solar, and you will have a heating system that generates its own fuel, using free sunshine that lands on your home all year round. Bank solar credits in the summer, and use your credits throughout the cold months of winter. By powering a heat pump with sunshine, you'll be heating for the equivalent of about $1 per gallon for oil. Heat pumps are available in a number of configurations; the most common is the 1 to 1 "mini split" there are also 1 to many "multi splits." Learn more about heat pumps, and how to take advantage of the future of home heating, contact us at ReVision Energy, a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor.

We Install Mitsubishi Heat Pumps Everywhere in Maine and New Hampshire

ReVision Energy is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor , meaning we are trusted by Mitsubishi Electric for the highest-quality installations of their heat pumps. When working with ReVision Energy for a heat pump at your home or business in Maine, New Hampshire, or the North Shore of Massachusetts, you will receive and extended 12-year parts and compressor warranty on single-family residential installations, and a 5-year parts and 7-year compressor warranty on multi-family and commercial installations.