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GrandyOats opens net zero food production facility

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HIRAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A Maine company is taking a big step in reducing its carbon footprint, hoping others will follow.

GrandyOats produces organic granola and other snacks and cereals. They're expanding and moving production into an old school in Hiram.

The company has installed 288 solar panels in the old baseball field, which they're expecting will be more than enough to entirely run their operation; that includes everything from heating and cooling systems to their forklifts.

"We got a loan from Bangor Savings for seven years and during that seven years we'll be paying $3-thousand a month," said Anker about the upfront cost. "Right now our current energy bill is over $2-thousand a month and this is going to give us three times the capacity so in seven years we will completely own our electricity so we won't have any electric bill at all."

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