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Energize 360 Group Discount for Solar + Weatherization Kicks Off in Seacoast NH

Join us as we launch Energize 360 , a partnership between Seacoast Regional Energy Hub, SEAREI, ReVision Energy, Yankee Thermal Imaging and five Seacoast towns.

Energize 360 takes the "Solarize" concept a bit further - the campaign aims to raise awareness of energy use among Seacoast residents about all aspects of their homes, including aspects of efficiency/weatherization to reduce fossil fuel inputs, as well as converting from fossil fuel sources to renewable energy solutions such as solar PV and solar-powered water and space heating. The program also carves aside a fund for social energy projects to spread the benefits of efficiency and solar to under-represented or otherwise disadvantaged groups.

After a competitive RFP process, ReVision Energy won the opportunity to be the clean energy solutions provider for the program, which is available to residents of Dover, Durham, Lee, Northwood and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Like Solarize, the campaign will include bulk discounts for solar, but group discounts also extend to a range of other services including weatherization and efficiency upgrades, heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, electric vehicle charging, and even battery backup systems. Solar is priced based on a fixed 'base price' that varies based on the complexity of each system, with a discount applied based on how large the overall program gets - the more people who sign up, the better deal everyone gets! Average savings in the highest discount tier for residential PV system will be around $1,500.

As part of the social mission effort of the campaign, ReVision Energy has pledged to donate one (fully installed) solar module per system installed in each town that participates in the program. ReVision will be working with individual towns to determine the best site for the donated system(s).

Energize 360 kicks off with a launch event on March 20 at the Oyster River High School in Durham, NH from 7-9pm.

Sign-up for the program will run from March 20 - June 30, with the goal of having most/all of the projects installed by August, 2017.

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