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2019 Guide to Heat Pump Rebates in Maine, New Hampshire, and MA

With a number of available rebates in 2020, it's a great time to think about your options for home heating. Heat pumps not only provide efficient and quiet comfort in the winter, they also outperform ducted HVAC systems and window-unit air conditioners.

That's right, the same technology used to warm your home in the winter will cool it during the summer - and it can provide your home's hot water! Here's an updated list of incentives for heat pumps and heat pump water heaters across our territory:


  • Retroactive incentive of $300 for homeowners with qualified installations from 12/31/17 through 2020. There are some nuances since this particular rebate has been around for a while and if you have taken other efficiency upgrades you may not be eligible for this update. If you have taken advantage of this Energy Star Tax Credit anytime, or anywhere, since it was introduced in 2004, there is a cap of $500. We advise you to check with your accountant as to whether or not you have taken advantage of this credit in the past. IRS instructions here .


New Hampshire


Learning about Solar + Water or Space Heating

We have great resources on our website for understanding how heat pumps work and the options for high-efficiency water heating .

During our free consultations , our solar energy advisors can give you detailed and custom information about the options available and what would work best and be most cost-efficient for you.