Solar Industry News

Bucksport Completes Second Municipal Solar Project with Help of Solar Impact Fund

The Town of Bucksport, Maine has a new solar array to accompany one installed on their Public Works Department last year - combining to generate a 40-year savings of well over $1.5 million for the town. The latest array is located at their Wastewater Treatment Facility, and will reduce the treatment plant's electric bill by nearly 50%. Bucksport taxpayers are excited to benefit even further from their abundant solar resource.

Such savings are available to other municipalities, schools, and other nonprofits with the help of ReVision's ever-growing Solar Impact Funds. With a Power Purchase Agreement, nonprofits can go solar at no upfront cost, and lock in a lower rate for electricity long-term than they would receive from the utility grid. Know of a nonprofit that's ready to go solar? Put them in touch for a free site visit, or arrange your one of your own!