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Artforms / Cool as a Moose Use LEDs to Save Power (And Keep Cool!)

LED lighting will reduce annual demand by about 10,000 kWh, offsetting roughly 300,000 pounds of carbon pollution over its expected 20 year life span. LEDs offer a compelling combination of environmental benefits, cost savings, and facility improvements. In particular the light quality is better, reducing eye strain and fatigue.

ReVision recently completed a LED lighting retrofit of Artforms Inc.'s office and workspace, greatly diminishing their electricity consumption, while enhancing the light quality. The LED retrofit will cut their cost of lighting in half and reduce maintenance fees, saving around $35,000 over 15 years!

One of the many benefits of LED lights is that they do not produce heat, which further saves electricity that would otherwise be spent to cool the building.

For over 25 years, Artforms Inc. has been producing high quality screen printed garments for the resort & retail markets. Based in Brunswick, they are a leading designer of screen printed garments produced in Maine for the US and Caribbean resort market, as well as their own Cool As A Moose stores.