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5 Reasons Commercial LED Lighting is Being Adopted So Quickly

LEDs will have just as powerful an impact on the world as solar or electric vehicles. Disruptively priced, and better than existing lighting in every way, LEDs are marking the history books as one of the fastest technology shifts to ever occur in human history . Commercial LED lighting is propelling this transition - which ReVision is seeing in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

LEDs are already affordable for the residential market and prevalent across big box retailers and hardware stores across the country. Now, businesses are starting to rapidly catch up as they, too, transition to LED lighting.

Why is commercial LED lighting catching on so fast? We consulted with David Webb , our Lighting Advisor (with over 5 years experience working with lighting programs), for the top 5 reasons why:

Every building needs artificial light. Providing that light can account for between 20-60% of a facility's electric bill. LEDs are efficient and steeply reduce that electric bill and have the added bonus of not producing any heat. No heat from your lights = less money spent on air conditioning!

2) Commercial LEDs can last about 40 years

Many traditional lighting fixtures not only have bulbs but also have a ballast that requires routine replacement. Many times, replacing a light requires a lift and/or specialized labor, making replacements both inconvenient and expensive. For a large facility, these expenses can be tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Business-grade LED lights, meanwhile, are rated in excess of 100,000 burning hours. For a facility that is operating 50 hours a week, that's close to 40 years of life for a single lighting fixture!

3) LEDs offer much better control over your lighting

You know how fluorescent lights can seem kind of blue and gross? And how nice restaurants have cozy and warm temperatures? These choices in lighting are called color temperature. With old fixtures, you were stuck with what a particular light offer. With LEDs, color temperature is infinitely controllable (since the lights are essentially computer chips).

Want cooler light during the day and warmer lights at night? No problem. Want a more welcoming atmosphere for a showroom or break room than offices? Easily done. Commerical LEDs come in all different shapes and sizes and their color temperature can be customized for use in any business environment.

ReVision's David Webb Installing Commercial LED Lighting

4) Better light and better aesthetics translates to better workplace performance

Many studies show that production and morale are improved under LED lighting . The flickering light of traditional fixtures can be tough to bear, whether in an office or a warehouse. Additionally, better lighting has proven to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents, saving employers time and money and giving employees more peace of mind.

5) Commercial LED lighting is an excellent and safe investment

The cost of commercial LED lighting has dropped shortly over the last few years, all while getting more dependable and offering longer rated runtimes and warranties. The result is that the average return on investment for LED lighting projects range from 2-7 years!

ReVision Energy sets itself apart from the competition by taking care of all aspects of a lighting project in-house. We provide the initial lighting assessment and then have a lighting design specialist (like David!) create a comprehensive solution.

We not only will walk through the robust proposal with you, we will also complete the rebate and permitting paperwork. There's no "shopping out" any parts of the process, so we can ensure you are getting top notch service from beginning to end. After the project has been installed, and your new equipment is commissioned, we complete routine follow-up to ensure everything is operating as desired.

Feeling illuminated? Get in touch with ReVision Energy to discuss LED options for your business!