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An Excerpt from Solar Energy Seminar in Waterville contributed by News Desk

Thomas College in Waterville played host to Solar Energy 101 Saturday.

The goal-to educate Mainers about solar opportunities right here in our state.

"The technology is changing dramatically. The costs for the average person are going down, the paybacks are going down," says Chris Rhoda, the Vice President of Information Services of Thomas College.

Organizers say it's about easing people's intimidation by solar.

"The technology is becoming more mainstream but a lot of people are still a little intimidated by it. And so we like to come and talks to them about what solar is, what it can do for them."

"Being able to use your clean energy investment in solar to power your home when there's an outage as opposed to using a backup diesel generator that's going to require you to continue to use fossil fuels."

In fact, when it comes to harnessing the power of solar the Thomas campus is leading the way among schools in Maine.

"Many times we're asked why we've done that. One, to be an example to our own students, but two, more importantly, it's really an economic benefit. The system that we put in will save our students over half a million dollars in tuition money over the next few decades," says Rhoda.

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