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An Excerpt from Local Solar Farm Goes Online Amid Legislative Battle contributed by Abigail W. Adams

Hans, Jen, and Turner Albee celebrate the completion of the community solar farm at The Morris Farm in Wiscasset on Saturday, April 2. (Abigail Adams photo)

Lincoln County's second community-owned solar farm, located at The Morris Farm in Wiscasset, went online Thursday, March 31. The installation, owned by the Morris Farm Community Solar Association, is generating renewable energy for the grid as the Maine Legislature enters the final stagesof debate on a bill that could have a significant impact on Maine's solar energy industry.

More than a dozen community members gathered at The Morris Farm on Saturday, April 2 to celebrate the completion of the solar installation first proposed in September 2015, learn about the advances in renewable energy technology driven by Maine companies, and hear about the legislative debate that could either positively or negatively affect current and future investors in solar installations.

"I represent the future of Maine," Jen Albee, of ReVision Energy, said. Jen Albee, originally of Jefferson, and husband Hans Albee, originally of Wiscasset, returned to Maine after pursuing their education out of state. Both work for ReVision Energy, a company which began in Liberty as two guys in a minivan and has grown into one of the leading installers of solar power systems in New England, Jen Albee said.

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