To us, solar is by definition an investment in future generations. More importantly, it has tremendous transformative powers: turning passive energy consumers into active energy producers.

We often hear of this transformation from excited new customers: "You wouldn't believe how many kilowatt-hours I made today!" or "Now that I know how much I can make, I want to reduce how much power my appliances use."

While grownups have to overcome a lifetime of notions about how the electric grid works, we find that students often intuitively 'get it' - the sun's energy is available to be harvested and turned into power. Why wouldn't you?

ReVision is excited to share that enthusiasm with our latest school to go solar, The Riley School in Rockport, Maine.

"Since first meeting with ReVision Energy co-founder Bill Behrens last summer, partnering with the company and its engineers and workers has been an absolute pleasure," said Anthony Oppersdorff, Board Member at Riley School. "Our happy association is based on a shared mission: wanting to make the world a better place. For ReVision this translates to installing solar power. For Riley this means growing children. Our short film, Riley School Goes Solar , perfectly reveals this commitment to the future.

The Riley motto is 'Learn to Love to Learn.' We engage with the natural energy and curiosity of children and help them along their path of thoughtful self-discovery. Our new ReVision solar array perfectly complements this task...and why not? Both organizations work with transforming energy, and the array becomes the basis for our evolving science-and-solar curriculum. The array is also a very visible statement to the public that we are here to stay."