EV Updates

Big Incentive for Business EV Charging in 2020

Transportation is the single largest contributor of carbon pollution in our country. With our limited time to address this issue, New England states have wisely begun to create incentives for electric vehicle purchases, making it critical to build adequate infrastructure to support this ever-increasing population of EVs.

Charging at the workplace is the second-most common charging opportunity behind home charging. For those who live in apartments or are without garages, workplace charging can be the deciding factor in going electric. ReVision's South Portland branch has had 3 co-owners switch to an electric car just in the past 6 months, and our 6 chargers available made their decision that much easier.

Drivers are 6 times more likely to switch to electric transportation if workplace charging is available - regardless of charging potential at home. For companies interested in demonstrating their sustainability values and providing an attractive amenity for their employees, workplace charging is a terrific option.

Better yet, there are financial incentives available to installing charging infrastructure - but they are in place for 2020 so it is prudent to act soon!

If you're an employee who drives electric or would like to, and your employer does not yet offer charging, please feel free to call us to help you with a presentation, and even a charging policy you can provide facilities managers and decision-makers. If you're an employer who wants to learn more about incentives, site design, technology choices and costs, give us a call too!

If you already have workplace chargers and would like to host a workplace charging workshop and/or ride and drive, call us for more information on how you can help spread the word! (And are you ready for expansion yet? Many of our customers already are!)

Check out our updated EV Charging Incentives page for Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Here are a few websites for additional learning, or check out our classic Workplace Charging Guide .

www.pluginamerica.org www.cleancities.energy.gov