Solar Champion Stories

NH Couple Harvests Peace of Mind from Solar Investment

The Noltes of Pelham, NH have leveraged their 8.9 kW solar electric array to power all household loads, an electric car, and roughly 1/2 of their home's heating.

After ReVision Energy installed 33 LG solar panels on a brisk February day in 2015, Dave and Janice Nolte were excited to begin producing clean kilowatts to power their home and BMW i3, only to discover they were generating a healthy amount of clean energy beyond what was predicted.

The Noltes got back in touch with ReVision and decided to transform their extra kilowatt-hours into heating and cooling, through installation of a mini-split heat pump system.

Heat Pump Drops Propane Costs by 50%

With part-time use of the heat pump in heating mode, Dave reports a decline in propane costs by over $1,000 - roughly half of what he paid the previous season. The Noltes are equally pleased with the unit's performance in cooling mode - a real treat as we enter the hotter summer months!

In addition to powering household 'plug' loads and heating/cooling, the Noltes' solar array charges their electric vehicle. "I love driving on sunshine," Dave affirms. "I did the math and my expenses to commute to and from work are less than $0.50/day... you can't beat that!"

Dave reflects further about his role in the global clean energy transition. To him, it's all about independence, and Yankee ingenuity - "I'm a solar farmer," he declares. "I'm farming solar. I don't need big corporations to sell me power in the same way that organic farmers don't need Monsanto."

The heat pump installed by David and Janice Nolte allowed them to decrease their propane use by around 50%!

Next Step: Home Battery Storage

The Noltes' next goal is to install a battery system within their home that could further liberate them from the grid, allowing them to operate as an energy island. With battery capacities increasing rapidly and costs becoming ever more competitive, they feel certain this next phase is in their foreseeable future, but are thrilled with their system as it is. "We are amazed at how much energy we are generating with our 8.9 kW system and we smile every time we receive our electric bill which has shrunk to almost nothing."

The Noltes financed their suite of systems using ReVision Energy's "Own Your Power" solar loan , a 12-year fixed 2.99% loan which allows the homeowner to swap out a monthly bill from the power company for a monthly payment that pays for one's own clean energy system.

"ReVision made it very easy to obtain financing to own our system," Dave asserts, adding, "The staff are courteous, professional and very easy to work with. In spite of the bad weather we saw during the February 2015 installation the team did a thorough, professional job. We recommend ReVision without hesitation."

With their retirement arriving soon, the Noltes are looking forward to years of predictability around energy costs, a result of their solar investment. Their solar array has an operating life of around 50 years, and thanks to ReVision's status as a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor , we offer a 12-year warranty on their heat pump installation. The energy savings are now proven, and they are reliable.

"I look forward to the day when all of my energy costs are completely free," Dave adds. "The time for oil and gas is over. Today, renewable energy just makes sense."