Sky Ranch (Wayne, ME)

Overview and System Location:

The Sky Ranch Community Solar Farm will be located adjacent to the retired airplane runway on Morrison Heights Road in Wayne, ME. The solar array will be installed between the road way and the runway and will be located to the south of the residence on the property.

System Design:

The proposed solar farm has a minimum size of 46 kW and a maximum size of 105 kW. The solar system will consist of between 180 to 410 Q-Cells Series 255 watt polycrystalline solar modules mounted using a Schletter PvMax ballasted ground mounting system. The modules are wired together in a series and parallel configuration and then interconnected to the utility grid through SMA TL grid tied inverters (note 1). The array performance will be monitored by SolarLog utility grade meter system which provides access to real time system performance to members, and facilitates the sale of Renewable Energy Credits.

System Performance:

Module Orientation: 180 degrees (true)
Module Pitch: 35 degrees
Total Solar Resource Fraction: 88%

At this nearly ideal solar site and with the benefit of effective convective module cooling from the ground mounted system, the Sky Ranch solar farm is expected to produce 1,200 kWh per kW on average through the year.