Morris Farm Community Solar Farm (Wiscasset, ME)

About the Solar Farm

The 152-panel Morris Farm Community Solar Farm is on Gardiner Road in Wiscasset, Maine. The 47.12-kilowatt solar array is on the site of former mobile home at the north end of the Morris Farm property and is interconnected to an existing CMP service on Gardiner Road.

About the Morris Farm Trust

The Morris Farm Trust, a working farm and educational resource for the communities of Midcoast Maine, promotes the values of sustainable agriculture and stewardship of the earth through education, demonstration and community involvement. When Morris Farm went up for sale in 1994, local community members formed The Morris Farm Trust and ultimately purchased the farm. In 2011 the farm became a “Maine Farmland Trust Forever Farm” through agricultural easements, therefore securing the farm and land for future generations. With its mission of caring for the community and the earth for future generations, The Morris Farm is a natural fit for a Community Solar Farm. Working with ReVision Energy of Liberty, Maine, the Trust built a 47.12-kilowatt array located on a small plot of pasture. Shares were then purchased by CMP customers to offset their electrical usage.

Why Community Solar?

Simply put, solar farms are a way to bring solar to the great number of people who do not own their home, own a home that is unsuitable for solar, or have maximized the solar potential at their existing home and want to generate more solar electricity. It also is a cooperative model that puts energy production into the hands of a small group of people and decentralizes the energy grid. Interested in joining or hosting a solar farm? We would love to hear from you!