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Pine Haven Boys Center | Allenstown, NH

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The 63-kilowatt ground-mounted array at the Pine Haven Boys Center in Allenstown will generate approximately 77,287 kilowatt hours per year. Transitioning to clean energy is expected to save the non-profit $310,000 over the life of the system.

The fixed ground-mounted array consists of 158 solar panels. The solar power produced by the array is equivalent to offsetting 81,383 pounds of carbon pollution each year, which is equivalent to the emissions from 4,154 gallons of gasoline or 20 tons of coal.

The installation of the solar panels at Pine Haven is not only good for the environment, but will enable the Center to focus more of its resources on the boys it serves. Pine Haven uses success-oriented programs to help troubled boys relearn productive habits and behavior that will allow them to be successful in life.

This array was financed through a Power Purchase Agreement under which Pine Haven will pay no upfront cost to install the array, but will purchase electricity at a negotiated rate. At year six of the agreement, Pine Haven will have the option to purchase the solar array at a significant discount, enabling the non-profit to generate free solar power for decades to come.

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