New Hampshire Electrician License Pathway

There are three major steps to becoming an electrician in the state of Maine: undergoing the required education, gathering the required hours of experience, and taking the state required license exams. The required hours vary depending on which tier of licensure you are looking for.

Hours of experience can only be gathered under the employment of a Master Electrician while holding an Apprentice License. For more information, visit the State of New Hampshire’s Electrician’s Board page on licensure requirements. 

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inverter service.jpegAllowed Work:

The Journeyperson License allows individuals to work without supervision (while under the employment of a Master Electrician) on residential, commercial and industrial projects. All work done as a Journeyman must be conducted under the employment of a Master Electrician. 

Required Education:

To take the state exam, the state of New Hampshire requires satisfactory completion of 600 hours of training through an approved electrical apprenticeship or a training program, usually conducted through a CTE school (Career and Technical Education).  

Required Hours of Experience:

The state of New Hampshire requires 8,000 hours of experience under the direct supervision or a Journeyperson or Master Electrician. 

good-shpherd-1-1.jpegAllowed Work:

This license is unlimited in scope. A Master Electrician is permitted to work on all electrical installations and have employees under their employment. 

Licensure Pathway:

To become a Licensed Master Electrician, the state of New Hampshire requires an individual to obtain their Journeyman License and then continue to work under a Master Electrician for an additional 2,000 hours in this role (typically about a year) before taking the Master Electrician exam. 

CTE & Vocational School Electrical Programs

In New Hampshire, the public school coursework that prepares aspiring professionals for electrical licensure is primarily offered through the state’s vocational high schools. The following schools have programs that will qualify students for an electrical licensing exam. 


Additional Electrical Programs

The New Hampshire Electricians’ Board reviews and approves training programs that can qualify aspiring professionals for their electrical licensing exam. The ReVision Energy's Electrical Apprenticeship Program is one such option.

Additional providers to the ones listed above can be found using the Examining Board’s database, which also include programs for license renewal: Board Approved Training Provider Database.

You can also use our map to find the closest programs near you in NH and ME: