Our Values

Mission, Vision, & Values

We have a vision of our kids, grandkids, and future generations enjoying a clean environment and just society throughout New England. Guided by this vision and our 5 core values, we are on a mission to lead our community in solving the environmental problems caused by fossil fuels while alleviating economic and social injustice.


Our core values are more than words on a page.

They are a part of everything we do and how we connect with each other and our work. Our values drive us to show up every day at job sites, at our desks, in town halls, and in classrooms, to fight for a better future for our kids and grandkids.  

Learn about ReVision Energy's 5 values and how they motivate all we do.



We treat everyone with respect and kindness to help build the better future we know is possible.



We aspire for excellence in everything we do because it advances our mission and sustains our employee-owned, B Corp solar company.



We educate everyone, young and old, with the knowledge and skills to change the world.



We listen first, we are honest, and deliver clarity to our colleagues, customers, and community.



We love being in nature with our families and friends, and we are doing everything in our power to protect it.


We treat everyone with respect and kindness to help build the better future we know is possible.


To build the world we dream of leaving for our kids and grandkids, we must show up every day with the very best qualities of humankind. We encourage difficult conversations, one-on-one or at a statewide scale. We actively work to increase accessibility and dismantle barriers constructed by systemic socioeconomic, racial, and geographic disparities. Through it all, we listen, seek commonalities, and celebrate different perspectives. Our mission not only supports humanity, it depends on it.

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Being a 100% employee-owned company allows every person who works at the company to operate with an ownership mindset and to receive the benefit of equity built over time. 

Committed to JEDI

We still have a lot to learn, but in 2020 our Employee-Owners formed the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) pillars to honor the intersectional relationship between environmentalism and social justice and to highlight the work that needs to be done at ReVision and beyond. 

Growing Access to Solar

To democratize the clean energy transition, ReVision proactively helps low-to-moderate income (LMI) and environmental justice (EJ) communities gain access to solar and related technologies. Financial and systemic barriers have long blocked LMI and EJ communities from accessing clean energy solutions. We commit more resources to this underserved demographic, through grants, investors, and other LMI programs.



We aspire to excellence in everything we do because it advances our mission and sustains our employee-owned, B Corp solar company.


Our employee-owners often say that the number one reason they love working at ReVision is the people. How is it possible for such a large, diverse group of employees to get along so well? The answer is clear: our collective passion for our mission. It drives us to continuously improve our business in every way, from customer experience to installation process, from the products we offer to our own carbon footprint, and enhances our team's sense of community.


Passion is found in our people...

ReVision Energy's success is fueled by the passion of our co-owners, who are committed to growing our mission through work and involvement in our communities.

...and in our business practices.

From continuously striving to improve our B Corp practices to partnerships rooted in collaboration rather than competition, we build our business on passion over profit.

We’re a Certified B Corp.

Our commitment to building a better world isn’t just good for business; it is our business. We are a company that embodies our values in every interaction with our customers, with our business partners, with our community, and with each other. 

We work with, not against, our fellow solar companies.

ReVision is a proud member of Amicus Solar Cooperative. Amicus is a growing organization of independent, values-driven solar companies that support each other by sharing best practices and pooling their buying power. In a solar industry increasingly dominated by large, Wall Street-backed firms, Amicus is a tool for independent companies to unite and offer solar customers incredible value and service.


We educate everyone, young and old, with the knowledge and skills to change the world. 

We never stop learning. From the start we’ve known that fostering a culture of learning is vital to achieving our mission. But it’s not just internal learning that happens here—educating the next generations about the climate crisis is a huge focus and a crucial part of our business. Through initiatives in and outside of the classroom, we partner with schools, camps, and organizations to bring kids the knowledge they need to fight for a cleaner, better world.


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Who is Sunsquatch?

Sunsquatch is an ancient, powerful being that originates from the North Woods of Maine. They're on a mission to make a cleaner, better world by teaching kids about the climate crisis and solar technology. 

ReVision Energy Training Center (RETC)

Fostering employees' growth is embedded in our approach to solving the crisis caused by fossil fuels. Through education and training arm RETC, our team develops skills and interests in personal and professional areas. It is also how we equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills to build a better world and harness different perspectives to grow our solar mission.

Internal learning initiatives include:

  • 4-Year Paid Electrical Apprenticeship Program

  • Companywide Leadership and Management Training

  • A $1,000 Annual Employee Education Stipend


Educating & Inspiring the Next Generation

Climate education is key to helping kids become powerful change agents for the environment and their future. Teaming up with kids, families, and educators all over New England, our education team (with Sunsquatch) helps teach students about the climate in an approachable, fun, and inspiring way. We also focus on repositioning the trades in school and social settings to inspire young adults to pursue meaningful and rewarding careers in the renewable energy industry. 


We listen first, we are honest, and we deliver clarity to our colleagues, customers, and community. 


At ReVision, we know that honesty is the foundation for trust and trust is the reason we’re still in business. We’ve also made a commitment to listening. Hearing the perspectives and ideas of others often leads to a culture of continuous improvement.  


Growing our Solar Champion Community

We approach Marketing and Sales a little differently. Our goal is to teach our communities about the tools that will solve the climate crisis. Every person we interact with has the potential of becoming a Solar Champion – whether or not you work with ReVision Energy. Therefore, we foster relationships that go beyond just selling solar, and empower a knowledgable and passionate solar community through our educational newsletter, social media, partnerships and events.

Engaging in dialogue with our community is crucial to our mission – We can’t do this alone. 

Who is a Solar Champion?

You are! We believe anyone who engages with ReVision and joins the fight against the climate crisis, however they can, is a Solar Champion. The success of our mission depends on our passionate customers, co-owners, partners, and people who help make our communities a bit more sustainable and equitable for all. 


We love being in nature with our families and friends, and we are doing everything in our power to protect it. 


Offering climate solutions is at the heart of our work. It only makes sense that we want to be a trailblazing company that walks the walk. Partnering with organizations that share our mission multiplies our efforts, and it enables us to bring opportunities to our co-owners to get involved in their communities and green spaces. 


Sustainable Business Practices

Because we think it's critically important to make the same change within that we strive for in our communities, ReVision Energy is committed to being Net Zero by 2030. To date we have installed solar on our facilities along with electric vehicle charging stations, heat pumps, and battery storage. Our employee-owners drive a mix of electric cars, Priuses, and trucks that run on biodiesel. 

Supporting others who share our vision

Since our beginning, we have partnered with numerous nonprofits and change-making organizations in New England. From staffing events to sponsoring conferences to hosting classes and webinars, we make it a priority to support organizations who have similar values.