Michael "Kel" Monroe

Solar Design Specialist

Metrowest / Greater Boston, Massachusetts

Michael (he/they), or “Kel” for short, as a fun way to differentiate from the zillion “Mikes” in the world, joined ReVision Energy through Sunbug Solar after having already spent more than 13 years helping to boost the Massachusetts solar industry into maturity.  

From co-founding a BEST OF BOSTON solar company in the early 2010s (involving everything from mounting roofs with installers, marketing efforts, operations, etc.), then heading west to California as the Communications Director for a mid-sized solar company, to finally returning to the Bay State and finding his work home amongst the plucky co-owners at ReVision Energy, Kel is elated that more and more people are realizing the benefits of solar and electrification!

Kel’s background includes a B.A. in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication from the University of Hartford (relevantly including how to counteract manipulative sales tactics with client-empowering consultative practices), studying and speaking three other languages, a significant background in the trades and contracting, logging in many years as an activist for LGBTQ+ issues, as well as working for the wider adoption of public transit, walking, and cycling. 

Based in Somerville with his spouse and two kids, Kel enjoys robust hikes, cute dogs, horrible puns, high intensity interval rowing, light reading, and whipping up a tasty brunch for family and friends.

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