Jyoti Malinowski


Jyoti (she/her) grew up in the sticks of NH. Spending her time in The Lakes Region. Fun fact Jyoti went to a small school on an Ashram from 1st grade thru 12th grade. She truly enjoyed her small-town life.

She went to Collage for Business and then got her Cosmetology license. After many years of helping people feel beautiful, she decided to settle down and have a family. She spent 13 years staying home with her 3 kids. And is truly grateful to have that time with her children. Being a mom is Jyoti’s number 1 priority.

After some life changing events Jyoti moved to Epping NH in 2020. Her partner and her are enjoying life on the seacoast and raising their combined 4 children together. After needing to find a way to support her family Jyoti was looking for a job with meaning. She really wanted to feel like she was contributing to something bigger. As soon as she heard about ReVision, she knew it would be the perfect place for her.

When not working you’ll find Jyoti hanging out with her kids and Partner either fishing, geocaching or just exploring the world. Jyoti is also an avid hiker who is currently working on the NH