Dave McConville

Solar Design Specialist

New Hampshire

Dave (he/him) grew up in central Massachusetts.  As a kid he loved playing outside no matter what the season.  Summer meant bike riding, tree climbing, splashing in brooks, falling in ponds, swimming in the ocean or playing sports like baseball or golf.  In winter, his favorite activities included playing in the snow, sledding and skating until his toes were numb and frozen. As he got older, he also developed a love for skiing, camping and hiking.

Dave started his professional life as a software engineer. Feeling unsatisfied after a successful 14-year career, Dave decided to change his lifestyle, so he went back to school to become a massage therapist.  Although he enjoyed being a bodyworker and found it more rewarding than software, he was still searching for his purpose.  In 2007 while attending a visioning workshop in California, Dave was introduced to the concept of permaculture.  

This holistic, ethically based philosophy resonated with him and sent him in a new direction - helping civilization design new systems to meet our daily needs while regenerating the natural world rather than destroying it.  He spent the next 15 years studying, practicing and teaching permaculture.  Eventually Dave decided to narrow his focus on one human need in particular - energy.  Which led him to ReVision Energy.

When not designing renewable energy solutions Dave still enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping, rafting or swimming with his partner, Becca.  You may also find them in the garden, eating good local food, seeing live music or spending time with family and friends.

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