Celeste Dolbec

Customer Experience Specialist

Celeste (she/her) was born and raised in Southern Maine, where she actively played outdoors, making wooden objects and playing with cardboard boxes. The combination of problem solving, creativity and nature inspired her to get a bachelor’s degree in landscape Horticulture at the University of Maine and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at N. Carolina State University. She regularly brought conceptual art ideas to her landscape architecture designs. Some of her travels exposed her to solar energy projects and windmills.

Professionally She has worked in sales and customer service in the furniture and home build industry for ten years. She also worked in the education field with special needs students.

Celeste actively makes conceptual collages as an art form and regularly attends yoga classes and events in Dover, NH which is where she now resides. Celeste was drawn to ReVision Energy because of its mission to reduce fossil fuels, social justice projects, community involvement and culture