Adelaide Taylor

Leadership Administrator

Joining ReVision Energy in 2021, Adelaide has a B.A. in Anthropology (with an African Area Studies focus) and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Children’s Folktales. A multi-lingual and multi-cultural professional, Adelaide’s career has led her on many adventures. She has taught multiple grade levels with her most recent stint sharing Library Arts in RSU 21,  has created and implemented a Catering Program for a Craft Beer Company in the DC region, overhauled HR Policies and Procedures for a large manufacturing plant to align with Federal guidelines, dived into the non-profit sector as an Office Manager for a small Law Clinic, created and implemented a thriving internship program, led well attended monthly webinars and forums on diverse energy and environmental topics, organized large professional networking events, and is raising a pretty fantastic son!

ReVision’s ESOP and B Corp status quickly peaked Adelaide’s interest when she moved to Maine. Sunsquatch became a household favorite when Adelaide’s son attended virtual webinars led by ReVision’s Marketing Team. This made it an easy decision to accept a new role while in the middle of a pandemic! As the Leadership Administrator, Adelaide enjoys working directly with the leadership assisting with efficiency and accountability, as well as ensuring messages are flowing between business units.

When not at work, Adelaide spends her time volunteering on non-profit boards, walking or reading at the beach, or hanging out with her son. She is also a Pictionary champion, playing once a month with a small group of friends over a potluck dinner.