SMCC SeaCenter Solar – South Portland, Maine

Flat plate and evacuated tube solar hot water collectors on display as well as solar electric (GTPV) array at SeaCenter at Southern Maine Community College. This demonstration project allows students to get hands-on experience with modern clean energy equipment for preparation to enter the solar jobs industry.   Read more

Proctor Academy Solar – Andover, New Hampshire

A series of nine solar arrays on the campus of Proctor Academy (428.2 kilowatts total – enough to power 85 homes) represents one of the largest solar projects of its kind at a New England school. The initiative is student-initiated, driven by the school’s environmental mission statement, and made possible through a unique Power Purchase… Read more

Good Will-Hinckley – Hinckley, Maine

26kw grid tied photovoltaic array for Good Will-Hinckley school in Hinckley, Maine, installed as a power-purchase-agreement between the school and ReVision Energy. This was the first PPA we ever did, and was estimated to save over $110,000 for the school. President Glenn Cummings said: “Every cent we save on this electric bill will go to… Read more