No roof, no problem! Go Solar with a Solar Ground Mount.

Ground mount solar is a great option for homeowners who are eager to enjoy the many benefits of a solar transition, but are unable to install panels on their rooftop.

solar ground mount installed by ReVision Energy

If you can’t install solar on your roof, a ground mount is an excellent option for homeowners!

Is your roof is too old or too steep? Are you planning on repairing your roof in the near future? Maybe you simply don’t like the look of solar panels on your home. Whatever the reason, you can still cut your energy cost and invest in the future of our planet with a ground mount solar array!

As with other methods of solar power, ground mounts connect your home to the clean, abundant energy of the sun. Ground mounted solar, especially when connected to a host of solar power technologies, helps your family lower your carbon footprint and enjoy numerous advantages of solar living for many years to come:

  • Solar is an economic opportunity – with a ground mount, you can lock in a low, consistent price of electricity for 30+ years. Plus, ReVision’s in house teams and cutting-edge equipment means the cost to install a ground mount is significantly lower than ever before.
  • Gain energy independence – installing a solar ground mount will make you less reliant on the power grid and on energy sources “from away.” Stay immune to sporadic utility rate hikes or outages when you pair your ground mount with a battery backup system.
  • Solar is just the start – solar power from your ground mount can be connected to a variety of complimentary tech. It can heat and cool your spaces, charge your vehicles and power your home in the case of an outage. A solar ground mount is just the beginning!

Ground Mount Solar vs. Rooftop Solar

While not as popular as rooftop solar, ground-mounted arrays offer a number of advantages over rooftop panels:

  • System can be oriented at perfect angle and shade-free area, no need to accept imperfect home orientation
  • Array can be located in less conspicuous area than on the roof
  • Array not hindered with on-roof obstructions like dormers, skylights, and plumbing vents
  • No rooftop work required, so certain parts of the installation go much more quickly

Additionally, with our new equipment in play, the premium for installing a ground-mounted solar array has dropped by over 26%, to the point where in some instances the ground mount solution will be comparable or cost-competitive with roof mounted installations.

Ground mount solar is designed for the New England elements

Due to the need to survive decades of punishment from harsh winters, ground-mounted solar arrays must be built particularly tough in the Northeast. The footings and wire management system must be able to handle hundreds of freeze/thaws, and the panels must be able to withstand uplift from the wind, multiple feet of snow, and pummeling from rain and hail. For all those situations where a roof-mounted system is not viable or wanted, another option is to install solar panels on the ground.

Watch our quick animation to learn about the benefits of pairing your EV with solar powered charging

Our Pauselli Ground Screw machine in action

Historically, that has meant that ground-mounted systems in the northeast involve heavy excavation to pour large concrete footers to support the solar array. The concrete work is not only CO2 intensive and disruptive to the site, but costly. As a result, ground-mounted solutions have historically commanded a significant premium over roof-mounted projects of a similar size.

Our engineering team, not to be deterred by the challenge of marrying absolutely perfect product performance with a need to reduce costs and gain efficiency, has evaluated hundreds of racking and foundation solutions over the years.

In 2016, we made an investment that significantly improves our ability to install ground-mounted arrays: a Pauselli 900 solar pile driver, which allows us to install pile-driven posts or ground screws for solar arrays without the need for any concrete. See it in action in the video above!

ReVision Energy: Ground Mount Experts

The intrepid crew of our Solar Foundations Division installing mounting equipment for a 342 kilowatt solar array at Interlakes School in Meredith, NH.

We believe everyone should be able to access the benefits of solar, but not every roof is ideal for a solar array. Our team of solar designers can work with you to figure out which solar option is best for you and your home. If that option is a ground mounted array, you’re in luck!

ReVision is not only rated the #1 solar installed in New England, we are also one of the only residential ground mount solar installers that can offer longterm support and maintenance for your system. Our ground mount installations are run by our Solar Foundations Division, which has years of experience installing projects for homes and businesses all across New England.

Our quality equipment and talented team ensures the best siting, prepping, and installation for your ground mount project, and we have many happy customers enjoying their clean solar energy from a ground mount.

So, ready to start your solar journey? Contact us to learn more about a ground-mounted solar array for your home, business, or institution.


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