Ground Mounted Solar Arrays

solar ground mount installed by ReVision Energy

If you can’t install solar on roof, a ground mount is an excellent option for homeowners looking to cut electricity costs and help our planet!

Due to the need to survive decades of punishment from harsh winters, ground-mounted solar arrays must be built particularly tough in the Northeast. The footings and wire management system must be able to handle hundreds of freeze/thaws, and the panels must be able to withstand uplift from the wind, multiple feet of snow, and pummeling from rain and hail.For all those situations where a roof-mounted system is not viable or wanted, another option is to install solar panels on the ground.

Historically, that has meant that ground-mounted systems in the northeast involve heavy excavation to pour large concrete footers to support the solar array. The concrete work is not only CO2 intensive and disruptive to the site, but costly. As a result, ground-mounted solutions have historically commanded a significant premium over roof-mounted projects of a similar size.

Our engineering team, not to be deterred by the challenge of marrying absolutely perfect product performance with a need to reduce costs and gain efficiency, has evaluated hundreds of racking and foundation solutions over the years.

In 2016, we made an investment that significantly improves our ability to install ground-mounted arrays: a Pauselli 900 solar pile driver, which allows us to install pile-driven posts or ground screws for solar arrays without the need for any concrete.

Enjoy all the benefits of going solar without needing the ideal solar roof!

The intrepid crew of our Solar Foundations Division installing mounting equipment for a 342 kilowatt solar array at Interlakes School in Meredith, NH.

Everyone should be able to access the benefits of solar, but not every roof is ideal for a solar array. Our team of solar designers can work with you to figure out which solar option is best for you and your home. If that option is a ground mounted array, you’re in luck!

With the new equipment in play, our premium for installing a ground-mounted solar array has dropped by over 26%, to the point where in some instances the ground mount solution will be comparable or cost-competitive with roof mounted installations.

Some advantages of ground-mounted arrays compared to roof mounts are:

  • System can be oriented at perfect angle and shade-free area, no need to accept imperfect home orientation
  • Array can be located in less conspicuous area than on the roof
  • Array not hindered with on-roof obstructions like dormers, skylights, and plumbing vents
  • No rooftop work required, so certain parts of the installation go much more quickly


Contact us to learn more about a ground-mounted solar array for your home, business, or institution.

See the Pauselli Ground Screw machine in action!