Solar + Heat Pumps

heat pumps at home revision energy.jpegDid you know you that energy from the sun can heat and cool your home all year long? Pair an air source heat pump with solar power and replace dirty, expensive heating fuels like oil and propane with year-round heating and air conditioning.

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than other forms of heating, as well as more cost efficient. Pairing heat pumps with solar for your home you can lock in a cost for heating that comes down to 8 cents per kilowatt-hour. That's roughly $0.84 per gallon of heating oil

Solar power and heat pumps are a dream team that offers a trifecta of benefits:

  1. A new study shows that the savings for the two technologies together are then higher than for each individual technology. In a time of rising oil prices, decrease your yearly heating and cooling costs by locking in a long term low rate.
  2. Heat pumps work 2-3x more efficiently than other electric heating/cooling equipment, and are designed for New England's harsh winters.
  3. Switching to more efficient and cost effective heating and cooling is more affordable than ever, thanks to federal tax credits for heat pumps and solar.

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ReVision is an employee-owned, B Corp Certified solar company with as many years experience installing heat pumps as we have installing solar (20 years!). We offer high-quality, long-term customer service to guarantee your heat pump system runs efficiently for the entirety of its lifetime. 

revision-energy-heat-pump-installer-300x400.jpgWith heat pumps, it’s scientifically proven that quality matters when it comes to their  installation. Luckily, we’ve been installing and servicing Mitsubishi Electric Air Source Heat Pumps since 2011. Since then we’ve installed thousands of heat pumps across Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, earning Mitsubishi Electric’s Elite Diamond Contractor designation that is awarded to installers with the highest level of training and experience.

Between Mitsubishi Electric’s high-performance technology, our technical excellence and our legendary customer service, ReVision Energy can offer you the best solar-powered heating and cooling solutions for you home.