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With the right solar installer by your side, going solar in Arlington, Massachusetts, is a smart and rewarding investment. Our experienced team can help you navigate the ins and outs of your solar options, and help you meet your financial and environmental goals.

For Arlington homeowners, here is some helpful information to know about going solar:

  1. What is the structure of Arlington utility? Arlington is serviced by Eversource, one of Massachusetts' investor-owned utilities. Investor-owned utilities are for-profit entities and as such, are highly regulated by the state. That means that they must abide by Massachusetts net metering policies which are favorable for solar system owners.
  2. How does net metering work in Massachusetts?Unlike many other states, Massachusetts has a “one to one” net metering value for systems at the residential scale.  That means that the utility must value every kilowatt-hour (kWh) that you make at the same rate that they charge you for a kWh. There are exceptions to this for systems above a certain size – but generally, homeowners in the Pioneer Valley have very strong net metering rates and protections.
  3. What incentives are available in Arlington?Homeowners in Arlington can take advantage of federal and state level clean energy incentives. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act passed in 2022, homeowners are eligible for a 30% tax credit on the total cost to install a solar array, as well as a 30% credit on an energy storage system, a $2000 credit for installing an air-source heat pump, and a $1000 credit for installing an EV charger. 
  4. What are the Massachusetts state incentives? On top of federal tax benefits, Arlington residents can claim state sales tax exemption on solar installation costs, as well as property tax exemption on home value added by solar panels. These exemptions are supplemented by a one-time, 15% personal tax credit – up to $10,00 – on installation costs. Massachusetts also provides residents with a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) for every MWh of power generated by their solar systems, which then can be sold for personal profit.
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Since 2003, ReVision Energy has helped more than 12,000 New Englanders lower their utility bills and decrease their carbon footprint through renewable energy technology. Named the #7 solar installer in the U.S. by Solar Power World in 2023, ReVision is the top-ranked solar installer operating in Massachusetts. Deepening our commitment to the Bay State, fellow B Corp Sunbug Solar joined forces with us in November 2023, bringing 14 years of Massachusetts experience, knowledge, and excellence to the ReVision team.

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Our team has installed over 190 solar projects in Arlington. We are a dedicated team of solar professionals who live and work in the communities we serve. Our Massachusetts branches are in North Andover, Westfield, and Woburn. We have 15 years of experience building solar for homes and businesses in Massachusetts, and are skilled at navigating the Bay State's complex solar policies and requirements. 

With the increased presence of large national solar corporations performing low-quality installations across Massachusetts, ReVision Energy is committed to providing technical excellence and long-term service to our customers.


We're Experienced, Full Service Solar Installers

Our longevity and deep regional roots mean that we have the history and relationships to navigate unique solar policies across Massachusetts’ distinct communities, from the North Shore to the Cape, from Boston to the Berkshires. ReVision Energy works with homeowners to develop individual, customized plans to achieve cost savings and eliminate carbon pollution from your home through solar, battery storage, heat pumps, and EV charging. 

We're Highly Rated & Highly Reviewed

When you go solar with ReVision Energy, you're putting trust in a team that is consistently rated a top 10 Solar Installer in the country from Solar Power World. We are also highly reviewed by customers in Massachusetts, with hundreds of five-star reviews and testimonials from ReVision Solar Champions who refer us to their families and friends.

We're Employee-Owned

Employee ownership also means we're built for the long-haul -- other solar installers may come and go, but we'll be around to support and service all projects we install for decades to come. We offer genuine long-term service, and will be there for you in all the fossil fuel-free years ahead. 

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