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happy residential solar customer in massachusettsFor Massachusetts residents, going solar is more accessible and worthwhile than ever before. Transitioning your home to solar power will help combat the climate crisis and can save your family hundreds of dollars on energy costs every year.

Take advantage of MA incentives and programs

Massachusetts has several cost saving programs and incentives for solar projects including the 15% state income tax credit, sales and property tax exemptions, and net-metering programs. In addition, the Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit extends a 30% tax credit to your solar project as well as home electrification products like heat pumps.

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We know it can be an overwhelming challenge to keep up with constantly changing guidance on going solar in Massachusetts. To help homeowners make the transition, we’ve  compiled an overview of the very latest ins and outs of Massachusetts solar.

For more information, visit our full guide on Solar in Massachusetts.

  1. Why has electricity become so expensive in MA?

    The reasons are ever-evolving and vary from one utility to provider to another. However, a consistent truth is that around 50% of electricity in New England — a percentage significantly greater than the national average — comes from natural gas. Natural gas is a globally destabilized, finite resource that is neither produced by nor easily transported to our region. This means constant rate hikes from the utilities that depend on this resource, which means higher electric bills for Massachusetts residents. Meanwhile, solar power is abundant, local, and stable!

  2. How much of a decrease can I expect to see in my electric bill after installing solar?

    This answer will depend on your current energy consumption habits and incorporate future proofing for additional steps you may want to take toward an all-electric household, both of which inform the size of your array. We strive to design a system that will meet close to 100% of your home’s needs, though the capacity to do so is affected by such factors as the amount of available space for an array and the orientation of your roof. Your bill will certainly decrease, the extent to which is a highly customized determination, and something that requires our Solar Advisors and Design Specialists to see a recent monthly bill.

  3. How can I benefit from Massachusetts solar incentives?

    Homeowners who install solar and energy efficient products are eligible for a federal tax credit set forth by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which can equate to large savings and financial advantages when transitioning to clean power. Also known as the Residential Clean Energy Credit, this benefit allows you to deduct 30% of a solar energy system’s total cost from your federal taxes, through the end of 2032. There are other specific MA incentives; for more information visit our post on MA solar incentives

  4. What exactly is net metering, and how does it factor into my utility savings potential?

    Through net-metering, your utility provider will credit you for any excess energy created by your system, and you can draw upon credit to power your own home at times of low solar production. If you’re a National Grid or Eversource customer with a solar system size of up to 10 kilowatts, you’ll be eligible for a special meter that measures the difference between electricity produced by your utility provider and by your solar array. This meter registers bidirectional flow of electricity, both inward from your energy supplier and outward from your home. The net result each month is used to calculate your electric bill: both National Grid and Eversource will currently credit you for the full value of kilowatt hours produced by your system.

  5. How can I finance my solar solution? 

    Our Solar Design Specialists can carefully connect you to loan options that are competitively priced, carry affordable monthly payments, and require no money down. We offer and recommend loans that can be used to finance not only your solar array but also complementary technology (i.e. heat pumps, batteries, vehicle chargers), replacing your current electric bill while bringing you closer with each payment to owning your own power. After designing a system to meet your needs, we’ll work with you to identify the most suitable loan package possible and accelerate your return on investment.  

ReVision Energy is a mission-driven, employee-owned solar company, that separates itself from other solar energy providers via our 20 years of experience in the industry, our high-quality workmanship, attention to detail, and our friendly nature.

We are an employee owed company, B-corporation, and spend money not just on building our business, but on being socially and politically active in the communities where we work. In addition to investing in a solar system which lowers your grid energy use and helps the environment, you would also be supporting a company whose business model is founded upon the principles and values of putting people and the environment before profit.

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We're Experienced, Full Service Solar Installers

Since 2003, we've grown from two co-founders in a garage, to over 450 dedicated employees across five locations in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Along the way we have gained a deep track record of experience working on every kind of solar project imaginable, and have perfected our process from customer outreach to install to service.

We're Highly Rated & Highly Reviewed

When you go solar with ReVision Energy, you're putting trust in a team that is consistently rated a top 10 Solar Installer in the country from Solar Power World for five years running. We are also highly reviewed by customers in Massachusetts, with hundreds of five star reviews and testimonials from ReVision Solar champions who refer us to their families and friends.

We're Employee-Owned

Every person who works at ReVision operates with an “owner” mindset and receives the benefit of equity built over time. Employee ownership also means we're built for the long-haul -- other solar installers may come and go, but we'll be around to support and service all projects we install for decades to come. We'll be there for you in all the fossil fuel-free years ahead.

We're a Certified B Corp

Our commitment to building a better future for people and the planet isn’t just good for business; it is our business. Our dedication to this commitment is independently verified by B Labs, a nonprofit that scrutinizes the impacts of a business -- on workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment -- in the process of B Corp Certification.

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