WMTW (ABC affiliate in Portland and Lewiston, Maine) featured two of ReVision’s customers in a featured called Incentives, Rebates Help Homeowners Go Green.

They featured Terry McIlveen, a customer in Waterboro who has sliced his oil use in half thanks to a solar hot water and space heating system, and Deb McDonough, who has solar for domestic hot water and grid-tied electric (which locks in her electric rate locked in for 40+ years).

Here’s the clip, courtesy of WMTW:

McIlveen recently sent us this update on his system:

East Waterboro, Maine - Solar Hot Water

This last heating season from May 2009 through May 2010 my oil consumption was down 850 gallons – 50 percent from previous years.

Thank you Deb and Terry for rave testimonials – and for showcasing how solar isn’t just good for the environment, but for the wallet, too.

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