While record-setting temperatures had New England grid operators urging residents to conserve electricity however possible, ReVision installers were out in the blazing heat installing solar electric panels.

Each solar energy system that’s installed reduces pressure on the grid right when it’s needed most – during hot, sunny conditions. Cumulatively, ReVision Energy has installed over 1,500 individual systems providing more than 5,000 kilowatts of peak solar electric generation.

Here’s the story of a few arrays commissioned just in the last week, helping to lift the grid when cooling demand was at its highest.

Ann Thayer

Yarmouth, Maine - Solar
Ann Thayer is a board member at E2Tech and lives in Yarmouth. She got a 3 KW system comprising of 12 CSI 250s and an SMA 3000 HF. This rounded out her whole house upgrade of adding an addition and insulating and air-sealing her basement and entire house.

The Horch Household

Brunswick, Maine - Solar
Fred and Hadley Horch (former owners FW Horch in Brunswick, now Shift Sustainable Goods) added 14 Canadian Solar 255W modules and an SMA 3000 TL inverter to their home.  While the system provides the most value when it’s connected to the grid, the TL provides a bit of emergency direct-from-solar power should the grid go down.

Fred already had a lifted 60-tube Apricus solar hot water system on the back side of his house.  The hot water system was installed not to be visible from the road in order to comply with historic district regulations.  By offsetting electric ‘plug’ loads and electric heat, the Horch’s PV system makes their household that much closer to net zero!

Karen McCauley

Cumberland, Maine - Solar
The McCauley household in Cumberland got 20 Canadian Solar 255W modules on their beautiful barn. This system also includes the new SMA TL inverter which allows the home to have some power when the grid goes down if the sun is out.

Jon and Jan Miliano

Gorham, Maine - Solar

The Milianos in Gorham installed a 6.1 kw solar electric consisting consisting of 24 all black Canadian Solar 255W modules and an SMA 6000 inverter. The solar power will be used to meet their homes needs, which includes heating and cooling from air source heat pumps (installed by Mainely Plumbing and Heating).

Air source heat pumps are extremely efficient electric units, using refrigerant technology to extract heat or cold from the outside air, depending on the needs of the season.  Our installers report that stepping into the home was a nice reprieve from the searing temps, which reached 90+ degrees on the day of this installation.